DIY Water Wheel Generators, Turbines and Pump Designs

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Micro Hydro Electric Turbine Generators

Small Scale Hydro Electric Power Generation - The Energy Saving Trust advice for using a stream or river to generate electricity.
Pico Hydro Electric - Pico hydro electric is claimed to be the lowest-cost technology for off grid electrification. The University of Nottingham provides information on ways to design, manufacture and install the various parts of pico hydro electric projects. More...
Small Scale River Turbine - The small-scale 200w river turbine designed by Practical Action focuses on providing battery charging facilities for remote communities.
Gants Mill Micro Hydro Power - Ten local mill owners came together to form the South Somerset Hydropower Group who then installed electrical generating equipment in their respective mills. Website not only provides an overview of the project but also details of the regular tours around the Gants Mill installation. More...
The Tintern Angiddy Project - a micro hydro electric project in the Angiddy valley near Tintern, Monmouthshire, UK. Up to 200 litres water per second flows down a 1Km pipe with a vertical drop of 27 metres driving a small turbine generator which feeds the National Grid. Annual profits realised by the scheme will be distributed within the local Tintern community. More...
Assessing Hydro Electric Projects - Devon Dare provides the facts, figures and considerations when assessing potential micro hydro electric sites.
British Hydropower Association - Hydropower is one of the most reliable, predictable and least environmentally intrusive of all renewable energies. The BHA strives to ensure that its potential is realised.
Micro Hydro Association - Members group formed to assist with the creation and operation of hydro-electric schemes in Britain.

Water Wheel Generators

Water Wheel Power Generation - A DIY Hydro electric power project that claims a continuous 50w of 12 volt power from a stream.
Beck Mickle Micro Hydro Generator - Ian Gilmartin and Bob Cattley prototyped a small head gravity waterwheel design which produces 24 kilowatt hours of sustainable green energy in a day.
Undershot Water Wheel Generator - Allan discusses how he made a small undershot water wheel generator which suplements solar to charge a battery bank.
Floating Waterwheel Barricade - How a floating waterwheel barricade can retrieve energy from flowing water in an open river or stream.
Water Turbines Simply Explained - The basics of water turbine operation and design; an essential self explanatory pdf download from Lord Wilson OBE, MA C Eng. Chartered Engineer

Water Wheel Pumps

Spiral Water Wheel Pump - John Hermans describes his home made 'positive displacement pump' made using a spiral water wheel to pump water uphill.
Spiral tube waterwheel pumps - Peter Morgan describes the design and installation of prototype and production of simple but very effective sprial waterwheel pumps.
Home Made Hydraulic Ram Pump - All the information, diagrams, plans and videos for those wanting to build their own hydraulic ram pump.

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